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Old 07-17-2005, 03:46 PM
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Default PTO Autorate rules for PLO

Here is my first shot at a set of autorating rules for PTO. When designing these rules I pretty much had to forget the methods used for autorating Hold'em players as winning styles for PLO players vary a lot more. Instead I concentrated on information that I would like to have about players while playing.

The first two things I like to know are fish factor and rock factor. Using the priorities I strip out all the fish (VPIP>50) and all the nuts peddlers (VPIP<18, PFR<2%, AFT < 1.0). The rest get passed through the rest of the rules.

Since the nexus if any PLO hand is the flop that's where I focussed. I rated players on three criteria: Gambling/Conservative pre flop, Aggressive, Neutral or Passive on the flop and Resilient or Compliant.

The last needs a little explaining, essentially I wanted to rate how likely a plyer was to lay down his hand on the flop. The standard measure is usually Agg Factor- Flop, which is the stat I used for the A/N/P rating but the way it is calculated makes it less useful as a measure of a player folding. I finally decided to use 'When Fold % - Flop' The is the % of hands a player will fold on the flop. After running a few trials on my DB I set the dividing value at 20%. Thus a resilient player is less likely to lay down a hand than a compliant one.

Comments and suggestions are welcome, this is just a rough draft.


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Old 07-18-2005, 02:36 PM
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Default Re: PTO Autorate rules for PLO

Just some things I was thinking about. As far as "resilient/compliant" rating go, I know a few solid players who will see alot of flops, but my guess is that their flop-fold % will also be pretty high and therefore they'd be compliant. Though I'm sure when they see the turn they become much more 'resilient' relative to their flop action. On the other hand, a calling station might play the same way too, so I'm not sure if it's clear whether someone is being 'resilient' because they really know value, or because they are being elephants.

As far as VP$IP goes, one thing I never got round to figuring out yet was to map probabilities of getting certain categories of hands to determine a theoretical VPIP. i.e. if I were to see all flops just playing high wraps, what would my VPIP be, or if I just played high pair-3card wrap what would my VPIP be? Anyone calculate all these probabilities for all the hand categories (empirically or theoretically)?
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