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Old 09-06-2004, 07:47 PM
greywolf greywolf is offline
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Default Need serious help on howto play with deep stack.

i am not really used to play with this deep stacks 300-400BB i felt unsure how to play this. here is the hand that ended this session. I feel really unsure what to do on turn. LAG likes to call alot but he isnt as dumb as i thought when i first started . I am not really sure if his willing to call with middle/bottom set or AA with nutflushdraw which i think is hes most likely hand anyway i am not planning to put mucho money in on the turn if a threeflush fall. He has been doing well this night and might want to gamble it up a bit especially as that is the the general atmostphere of the table to say the least.
I have seen him made many questinable calls and dragging home a few big pots.

** Export for: Hero Game: Omaha High Game number: 104646651 ***
Date: 9/6/2004 10:54:09 PM
Game: 104646651: Table: Love No War
Normal Table Pot Limit 5.00/10.00
Rake: 3.00
Seat: 1 David2542
Seat: 2 StandingWave
Seat: 3 flukert
Seat: 4 Hero
Seat: 5 MrCepe (Dealer)
Seat: 6 lord_evil

lord_evil : Posts small blind 5.00
David2542 : Posts big blind 10.00
flukert : Posts 10.00
StandingWave : Folds
flukert : Checks
Hero : Raises for 40.00
MrCepe : Calls for 40.00
lord_evil : Calls for 35.00
David2542 : Calls for 30.00
flukert : Folds

lord_evil : Checks
David2542 : Checks
Hero : Bets 150.00
MrCepe : Calls for 150.00
lord_evil : Folds
David2542 : Raises for 300.00
Hero : Raises for 900.00
MrCepe : Folds
David2542 : Calls for 750.00
Ok, any other line better here? Is it perhaps better to take a safe card before committing such a big hunk of my stack? I had the nutset with way too many scarecards left in the deck for me to feel comfortable and i felt like i needed to defend it here. I put him on either lower set with possible straight draw or AA with nutflush draw or Nutflush draw with straight draw to go with it. He thinks for a long time and finnaly decides to call. He could have made that min raise as a feeler to test whether im strong if i really made three jacks or betting on a weaker holding as a semibluff. He may bet the pot on turn no matter what hits if i show weakness and just calls and i would feel very uncomfortable if a straighening card comes a flushcard is an easy fold on the other hand. I am not at all sure if hes really that aggresive tho.

David2542 : Checks
Hero : Bets 1780.00
David2542 : Went all-in 5564.64
Hero : Went all-in 565.92
David2542 : Receives returned betting money 3218.72
What to do here? Giving a free card is impossible there is way too many card that can beat me if hes still drawing to do that play. If he indeed filled the straight i still have outs to draw out on him.. I bet after his check and cursed when he went allin for his last 600.I call of course but should have set him in myself it wasnt like i was planning to fold for his allin raise.

David2542 : Shows cards
Hero : Shows cards

David2542 [ 5C, 4S, 3C, 2H, AH - Straight ]
Hero [ JH, JC, JS, 8S, 5C - Three of a Kind ]

lord_evil Mucked Cards
David2542 Showed Cards (Winning) 7108.84
flukert Mucked Cards
StandingWave Mucked Cards
Hero Showed Cards
MrCepe Mucked Cards

Community Cards
[ 5C, JH, 2H, 4S, 8S ]

Players Cards
lord_evil [ -, -, -, - ]
David2542 [ AH, 3C, JD, AC ]
flukert [ -, -, -, - ]
StandingWave [ -, -, -, - ]
Hero [ KH, 10D, JC, JS ]
MrCepe [ -, -, -, - ]
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Old 09-06-2004, 11:15 PM
Big O Big O is offline
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Default Re: Need serious help on howto play with deep stack.

Use the hand converter
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Old 09-06-2004, 11:30 PM
BlueBear BlueBear is offline
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Default Re: Need serious help on howto play with deep stack.

I find this hand history impossibly difficult to read and to follow.
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Old 09-06-2004, 11:46 PM
Acesover8s Acesover8s is offline
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Default Re: Need serious help on howto play with deep stack.

1) this hand history is difficult to read. Where did this hand take plsce?

2) Post stack sizes when releveant, like they are here.

In general with big stacks on a drawing board you should avoid putting a large amount of money on the flop when you can make a better decision for more of your money as more of a favorite on the turn. But, I'm really not sure if thats what happened here.
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