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Old 03-13-2004, 03:36 PM
cianosheehan cianosheehan is offline
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Default first time winning tourney-any (constructive)critiscism!?

NL 5+1

7 players
Blinds 15/30
Seat 2: (905)
Seat 3: (1430)
Seat 4: button(3045)
Seat 5: SB (villain) (505)
Seat 8: BB (895)
Seat 9: HERO (665)
Seat 10: (555)

Hero ; 9d Th
Villain ; Td 4s

Hero calls
Seat 10 folds
Seat 2 folds
Seat 3 calls
Seat 4 folds
villain calls
BB checks

Flop : Tc, 3h, 8c
villain checks
BB checks
Hero bets 125
Seat 3 folds
villain calls
BB folds

Turn ; 6d

villain checks
Hero bets (510) (all in)
villain calls (350) (all in)

River ; 9h

Hero wins 565

Seat 2 is the button
Total number of players : 3
Seat 2: Villain (Button) (2357)
Seat 4: Seat 4 (SB) (3973)
Seat 9: Hero (BB) (1670)

Seat 4: posts small blind (150)
Cianosheehan posts big blind (300)
** Dealing down cards **
Dealt to Cianosheehan [5h, Kd]
Dealt to villain [3c, Kc]
villain calls (300)
seat 4 (SB) calls (150)
Cianosheehan checks.
** Dealing Flop ** : [ 4h, 5d, 6c ]
seat 4 checks.
Hero bets (300)
villain raises (2057) to 2057
villain is all-In.
Seat 4 folds.
hero calls (1070)
hero is all-In.
** Dealing Turn ** : [ Qd ]
** Dealing River ** : [ 3d ]

Board: [ 4h 5d 6c Qd 3d ]
Hero ; pair of 4's
Villain ; pair of 3's

At the last three players, villain was playing very aggresively, trying to steal blinds ALOT.

What is the most convenient way of posting up hand histories? Was suprised by how long it took to put those two up!!!
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Old 03-13-2004, 04:28 PM
Al_Capone_Junior Al_Capone_Junior is offline
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Default Re: first time winning tourney-any (constructive)critiscism!?

you really should not post hand histories at all. you should write out/summarize what happens in the hand. if you post hand histories, they are too long and cumbersome for many posters, including me, to bother with. Generally I just ignore posts with hand histories.

I don't think either one of these hands is all that remarkable.

Congrats on your win!

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