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Old 03-06-2003, 04:53 PM
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Default Seven Strikes, and she is dead

It is almost inconceivable to me that a 22-year old could have his license suspended seven (7) times, then have it returned to him. I wonder if his parents pulled some strings for him (the town he is from is one of the wealthiest towns in Massachusetts).

This kid is a menace to society. He should be put away for life, before he kills someone else. What do you think?

from today's Boston Herald:

by Tom Farmer and Franci Richardson
Thursday, March 6, 2003

A 22-year-old Sudbury man whose license has been suspended seven times is scheduled to be arraigned in his hospital bed today for vehicular homicide after he slammed head-on into a car occupied by two young women on the Jamaicaway while allegedly fleeing Brookline police.

John Rudolf, who faces an eighth license suspension in April if he failed to pay the fine for a November 2002 speeding ticket in Sudbury, is charged with causing the death of 23-year-old Hyde Park native Christy Proctor. Her passenger and roommate, Kelly Jeanne Delsignore, 21, was in fair condition at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center.

State police said Brookline officers had attempted to stop Rudolf on Route 9 Tuesday night after an officer saw him make an illegal U-turn but ``called off'' the pursuit by a second officer after Rudolf's 1999 BMW M3 sped onto the Jamaicaway.

Suffolk District Attorney Daniel Conley, a former city councilor who represented Hyde Park and knows Proctor's family, bristled at suggestions the police chase caused the young woman's death.

``Let me be clear about one thing. The only person that was responsible for Christy Proctor's death and the injuries to Kelly Delsignore is Rudolf and Rudolf alone, and he is the person we will hold accountable for this crime,'' Conley said.

Proctor lived with her younger sister, Crystal, 21, and Delsignore in a West Roxbury apartment. She studied fashion design at Lasell College, which her sister also attends.

Proctor, an A student, and Delsignore had left the apartment and were going out for the night when the 10 p.m. accident occurred, said a family friend who did not want to be identified. ``(Proctor) was someone that always made somebody laugh and she was very, very sweet,'' said the friend.

Proctor's father died in a construction accident a number of years ago. In addition to her sister Crystal, Proctor also leaves her mother, Laura, and her youngest sister, also named Laura, 13.

Conley said Brookline police tried to stop Rudolf after he made a U-turn on Route 9 near Cypress Street. When a second officer tried to stop the BMW owned by Rudolf's father, the defendant accelerated onto the Jamaicaway and slammed head-on into Proctor's Honda Accord, the DA said.

Rudolf is also charged with driving to endanger and failure to stop. He had surgery yesterday at Brigham and Women's Hospital.

State records show Rudolf's license was first suspended in November 1998. Wayland police had filed an ``immediate threat'' petition with the Registry of Motor Vehicles after Rudolf was cited for driving to endanger, illegal passing and failure to stop on Oct. 30, 1998.

Rudolf got his license back after paying fines and completing a National Safety Class, but he was subsequently suspended for 60 days on May 26, 1999, Sept. 15, 1999, Sept. 27, 1999, Aug. 9, 2000, Aug. 31, 2000, and Dec. 12, 2001, after accumulating seven surchargeable violations within three years on each of the dates.

Since August 1997, he has been cited for an unidentified highway violation and five times for speeding in Sudbury, speeding in Waltham and Needham, illegal operation and an unidentified highway violation in Boston, and a lane violation in Randolph. Records also show he had a surchargeable accident in Wayland on Aug. 14, 2000.
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Old 03-06-2003, 05:15 PM
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Default Re: Seven Strikes, and she is dead


For perhaps the first time, we might come close to agreeing about an issue. I've driven the Jamaicaway more times than I could ever count, and I'm thankful I've never been hit on this road. One of the worst parts of my nature rears itself when I see people driving like maniacs on these roads; I secretly--and sometimes not so secretly--hope that they hit a telephone pole before they kill someone else.

Unfortunately, this man will only get a few years, but I would also like to see more people held responsible for this crime because others are surely to blame.

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Old 03-06-2003, 05:30 PM
B-Man B-Man is offline
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Default Re: Seven Strikes, and she is dead

First I saw eye-to-eye with Andy Fox several times (all sports-related, if I remember correctly), and now you. The stars must be aligned. [img]/forums/images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

The Jamaicaway is treacherous, which makes his crime that much worse. It is sad that this kid is bound to get off with only a few years, as you pointed out (probably accurately). His record truly shocks the conscience. Repeat drunk drivers/reckless drivers are a menace to society.
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