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Old 01-08-2003, 09:59 AM
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Default Stud ---2nd request for help

On a recent trip to the Taj Mahal, 2 unusual
situations occurred. Both happened while I was playing $10-20, overall playing time was
approximately 15 hours, with breaks here and there. The table was usually full with 8 players, at times 5 to 7.

The first situation, a player on two consecutive hands was dealt 4 of a kind. Jacks then aces. What are the odds of this happening ?

Situation 2, I was dealt a straight flush, hearts, 9 to King. Several hours later, I had a Royal Flush, hearts also. What are the odds for getting a Royal, a straight flush, and then both hands together ? I made each handon the river.

Looking forward to some insight...Thanks.
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