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Old 12-30-2005, 02:16 PM
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Default $2,000,000,000

What would you do if you had $2,000,000,000 just given to you no strings attached. I don't want to hear [censored] like buy my parents a 4234324 sq ft house or something stupid like that. You will lose cool points for that.

I want funny stuff.

For example:

I'd hire a Mexican Midget Mariachi Band to stand in my foyer in full attire (ponchos, sombrerors) singing "La Cucharacha" and other Mexican Songs. They'd have to sing primarily in Mexican.

Hire people to play real life Halo with me, but they only get to shoot paintballs and I get to shoot blanks at them.

Re-enact Animal Survivor

Re-enact how many five year olds


What about you?
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