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Old 12-26-2005, 10:46 PM
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Default Turned 21, headed for the \'sino

My first trip to a casino in my home state of Iowa. I've always had to make the 4 hour trip to Shakopee until yesterday. Sat down with 200 @ 3/6 (deep stack i know, but I like having that much in front of me) and am down to ~100 a few hours later. Haven't had much of anything hold up so I decided to straddle. I look down, BOOOOM, I see KK. I won a biggin and was almost back to even. From there the cards started going my way and I ended up walking away with 170 bucks.

I was going to leave, but I decided I'd sit down at 1/2 nl. I've never had the opportunity to play in a big NL game (this seemed big) and I only play limit online so I was a little nervous. Well the cards went my way and before I knew it I was up 150 with a nice bluff to end my night. I decided to put 20 dollars on black right before I left and it came up red. I didn't look at the clock before I bet it as it was past midnight and not my birthday anymore, so my luck had run out.

Merry Xmas and Happy Birthday to me!!!! Came home and asked my roommate how much I owed for rent on the month. He tells me 310, so I came out with my rent costing me 10 bucks.

HELL YEAH [/brag]
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Old 12-27-2005, 01:06 AM
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Default Re: Turned 21, headed for the \'sino

cool, congrats!
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Old 12-27-2005, 02:15 AM
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Default Re: Turned 21, headed for the \'sino

nicely job my young friend. [img]/images/graemlins/grin.gif[/img]

I say young, but I'm only 2 yrs older....
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