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Old 06-04-2005, 08:22 PM
timex timex is offline
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Default Trying to sign up for Eurobet Poker

I tried signing up for Eurobet Poker about 1 month ago through thisisthenuts for rake rebate, I asked them about my situation and asked me to post here since this is such a large forum, someone might know whether I am hopeless or whether I have alternatives. Here is the email I sent:

I think I signed up around May 7-10, somewhere in that range. I cannot remember by exact steps as it was a while ago, but when creating my account I followed the initial steps ie. clear cookies, download through your link, use stox etc. When creating my account, I was somewhat unsure, but I knew that I was supposed to make it at Eurobet rather than Coral. My assumption is that I tried making an account at Eurobet with an existing name, and on my second attempt I forgot to change the option to Eurobet, because I was sure that I initially had Eurobet marked down, after creating the account, I got an email from Coral and I realized that I didn't sign up properly. As a result, I decided to make an account at Eurobet, the name is bluckey1 and number 336703 (the same as my user ID at your site). I am able to sign in at the Eurobet website, but when I attempt to sign in to the poker room, I get the warning:

Login Error

(X)Sorry either you do not have an account with us

or you entered invalid details. If you have an

existing account with us please use that.

Create New Account Retry

I thought that perhaps they had not registered my account properly, so I attempted to recreate the account however, they say that the user name has been used meaning that I must have signed up properly. I emailed them to try to get my password in case I mis-typed it both times, but they say that they cannot send it over the internet for security purposes so I decided to call them, and I told them that I already have a Party Poker account, and he suggested that I can bet on sports through Eurobet, I have accounts at other skins, so I doubt that one can only have an account at Party, not Eurobet. I then tried downloading Eurobet at a friends house and trying to sign in there, but I received the same message. I think that is pretty much the just of what has happened, is there any possibility I could close my Coral account or something like that, I have no intention of ever using it. Also, why do they have 2 poker rooms in one, it appears as though it is just inconvenient and somewhat confusing.
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Old 06-06-2005, 09:07 AM
stoxtrader stoxtrader is offline
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Default Re: Trying to sign up for Eurobet Poker

I have not heard of someone having this problem of creating a coral account mistakenly and then a eurobet account, then not being able to login to eurobet because of it. anyone have a similar experience?
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Old 06-06-2005, 09:16 AM
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Default Re: Trying to sign up for Eurobet Poker

Apparently eurobet has some sort of thing that sees if you have party installed on your computer, and it checks the first time you log in with your account. I dont know what it will say when that happens, because I did it on a computer without party installed, but that might be what the whole problem is, and why they told you you can't have account there if you have one on party.
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