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Old 12-30-2005, 09:01 PM
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Default Re: 5/10 3handed: spewing?

He is almost always going to bet the turn again.

[/ QUOTE ]
So your Villain not only autobets the flop, he autobets the turn too? He has a wide range for preflop 3-bets and he always puts at least 3 BB in the pot without even looking at the board?

You know that makes him a mindless idiot don't you?

Never raise the flop. Anytime you get a hand you like save it for raising the turn. You'll destroy him.

Loose flop peels are for dealing with sensible players who realize that there is something wrong with autobetting the turn. They have to give a few free cards. Those free cards improve the odds on calling and allow you to slip in a few extra borderline hands.

If he always bets the turn then skip the loose flop peels and take his money with your good hands. If he gives too many free cards then call lots of extra flops.

[/ QUOTE ]


Never raising the flop really sucks, especially 3-handed. And in this particular game, there are very very few opponents who will bet the flop and check the turn, ever. I'm going out for dinner but I'll try to elaborate in a bit if I can. I'm posting this short post to try to remind myself that I need to elaborate more on this later.

[/ QUOTE ]

I think Stellar's point is that if this is the case, peeling is hugely -EV, but calling with monsters and raising the turn is hugely +EV.

If the players who 3-bet preflop *always* autobet the flop *and* the turn, regardless of the cards that come, then it's pretty easy to deploy the rope-a-dope strategy to destroy them, and very easy to fold hands like this on the flop. You shouldn't be worried about being too weak by folding on the flop.
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