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Old 12-28-2005, 10:47 PM
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Default Full turn

Live 20/40 Have played about 4 hours with Villain. He's solid and hasn't gotten out of line from EP. I've been playing well, very tight, running good and up a couple of racks.

This hand was interesting because, based on what we've seen of each other, the turn has us all crossed up.

Villain opens UTG, I 3 bet 88, awful player calls 3 cold, folded to Villain who caps. 3 to the flop for a lot of SB's.

Flop 8c 5c 2x. Villain bets, I raise, awful calls 2 more, Villain 3 bets, I cap, awful calls. 3 to the turn for a lot of BB's.

Turn is a red 5. Villain bets, I raise, awful folds, Villain 3 bets.

At this point it's either -
1 - he doesn't think I have 88 because I haven't shown down that type of play yet with a mid pair. He thinks I'd only do it with JJ-AA so he's overplaying AA.
2 - he's hit the jackpot because he knows I figure there's no way he'd open/cap UTG with 55 because he hasn't done something like that yet. But if he thought I had AK, would he?

If I'm ahead, he'll call a 4th bet/river. 2 more bets. If I'm behind I'll call a 5th bet/river. 3 more bets. Win 2 or lose 3. Doesn't that mean just call down?
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