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Old 12-27-2005, 08:42 PM
jkamowitz jkamowitz is offline
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Default My best QQ hand. . .ever

Live foxwoods Christmas day 20/40 full ring.

Excellent table here's the makeup
especailly mp1 who's stats (obviously no pt but this is a guestimate) are 95/0/.01 wtd 80% so basically this guy has stopped any sort of fancy maneuvers and we are playing best hand poker. Still, he calls river bets with A high and even Q high just to look you up. Amazing.

Mp1 limps, mp2 (an overly aggressive guy that tries to isolate mp1 but never works) Raises, Co (unknown) 3-bets, Button (a dumb dumb way too stupid aggressive guy) Caps it. (he's done this with 99, 10 10 and 45s "lets build a big pot mentality"

Hero is sb with QQ and calls the cap

4 way

366 flop rainbow

Hero checks
mp1 checks
mp2 checks
button bets

Hero calls (c'raising here would not limit the field and I would often get three bet by hands better than me and even air, I would not knoww where I stand)

Mp1 calls
mp2 folds

3 players

Turn K
Hero checks
mp1 checks
button bbets

Hero Raises
Mp1 calls 2 cold
button calls

River 2
Hero bets
mp1 calls
mp2 calls.
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