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Old 11-17-2005, 11:54 PM
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Default ($5) NL sit/go 1 table - RF draw on button facing allin and call

trying this again, I think i screwed up my first and only attempt at posting here, so forgive me if this is a double post. also if i got the subject convention wrong please correct me.

$5 single table sit/go - top 3 players paid
3 players left
blinds $200/$400

Player 1 SB ~$2000 (w$200 in pot)
Player 2 BB ~$3800 (w$400 in pot
ME Button ~ $7700 I Have J-spades 10-spades

both players are tight and moderately aggressive, with player 1 being the most aggressive. both players tended to raise with good preflop hands. I had not seen either slow play a hand as of yet.

I call on the button for $400
Player 1 calls $200
Player 2 checks

Pot is now $1200

Flop is A-spades, K-spades, 8-diamonds

Player 1 goes All-In for ~$1800
Player 2 thinks for a short time and then calls

There is now $4800 in pot and Player 2 has ~$2000 left

At this point I was not sure what to do. I expected both players to be a bit more aggresive since we were in the money now, and I figured Player 1 had a A or K with a low kicker or he would have raised preflop.

I wasn't sure what Player 2 had, perhaps a draw or a pair as well, His call made me think he was either slow playing or was thinking he had second best and was looking to catch a draw.

I know I had odds to just call the $1800 with 12 outs and $4800 in the pot already, but I didn't think I had the odds - even implied to raise Player 2 all-in. However given that this had could end the game and I would still have about $3000 in chips left I did raise him all in and
player 2 called.

Cards over
Player 1 - A5o (top pair no kicker)
Player 2 - 94s spades (flush draw)

Turn is the Q-diamonds I have the nuts.

So the question is did I do the right thing in raising or should I have just called and saw the turn?
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Old 11-18-2005, 12:06 AM
bluefeet bluefeet is offline
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Default Re: ($5) NL sit/go 1 table - RF draw on button facing allin and call

Hi Cdn (Canadian?),

Welcome to the forum. Very nice descriptive 1st post (looks like you found Scuba's how-to in the FAQ - bonus points!).

At these blind levels - both opponents <10BB's, you could comfortably push this PF. At a minimum, I'd raise it t1500, calling a push from behind (because you are adequately committed...and rich).

Given the flop, flop action, my chip lead, I make this call


Sorry OP: In my thrill to see such a quality 1st post, I missed a bit of the action (clarified by Durron)...push over on that flop.
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Old 11-18-2005, 12:10 AM
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Default Re: ($5) NL sit/go 1 table - RF draw on button facing allin and call

You have about 2x the 2nd place stack. If SB folds, BB would need a premium hand to call you here (IMO). JTs is a solid hand anyway, so I push this also.
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Old 11-18-2005, 12:19 AM
durron597 durron597 is offline
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Default Re: ($5) NL sit/go 1 table - RF draw on button facing allin and call

Hi, great first post. Welcome to the forum.

My only problem with this post is that you posted the results in the original post - this can often lead to people giving bad advice based on the hands that your opponents actually had, which obviously you don't have.

The first think that I would do differently here is push preflop. Your opponents have enough chips to put you to a difficult decision to call an allin reraise, and you said they are both tight. I am happy to win the blinds with a hand that makes middle pair often post flop. But I don't think calling is particularly bad, either.

Ok, so everyone saw the flop. You have two effective allins by the time it gets to you. Realize that there is now 7200 chips in the pot and only 1800 in your opponents stack - he is obligated to call your push with whatever he called the flop with. So the question you asked really doesn't matter.

The question that is more important here is do you even call at all. Let's look at the situation. You are effectively being asked to call 2000 more to win 1200 + 2000 + 2000 = 5200 against two opponents, and another 1800 against one opponent. There is a lot of math to be done here which could get very complicated but I will try to keep it simple.

If there is no other flush draw (i.e. both opponents have a pair) you have about 11 outs for about 41% pot equity (which is plenty in a 3 way pot with dead chips, you would need about 28% off the top of my head). I am subtracting half an out for the possibility of a dead queen and another half an out for the possibility of a dead spade. If there is another flush draw out, and the BB has it, you are crushing him unless he has the queen of spades (which happens pretty rarely). So you are way ahead in the sidepot but not as much equity in the main pot.

The worst case scenario is when the SB has the nut flush draw and the BB has an ace. Then you only have 3 outs - but with aggressive opponents I think that doesn't happen nearly often enough for you to worry about.

As to your original question - you don't want to be put in a spot where the turn blanks and the BB pushes the rest of his chips. Then you could possibly be getting the chips in as a much worse dog but still have to make the call because of the large pot. I would push now.

And again, welcome to the forum.
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