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Old 12-27-2005, 02:00 PM
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Raise the flop, PSB at turn and river.

[/ QUOTE ]

Just making sure I was a monkey and yes, it has been confirmed. When I'm running bad (and I'm running bad) I have a tendency to make HUGE errors in judgement trying to get every last nickel out of my 'big' hands. I end up letting people hang around and I lose monster pots. God, I love this leak.

Anyway, I just checked behind on the turn. [homer simpson]doh![/homer simpson] The river was a 9. He bet the pot, I raised more than the minimum, he min reraised, I threw up in my mouth, I called, and he showed me 6s full of 9s. The funny thing is if I had raised the flop he probably calls and then we probably get it all in the turn. I get stacked but play the hand well. Instead, I play the hand like a donkey and lose a bit less money.

Thanks for the time and effort.
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