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Old 12-31-2005, 02:40 PM
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Default San Francisco - Weak Trip Report

don't have the energy to write a real or full trip report, but I will go over the likes/dislikes.

Hotel Monaco was great - centrally located, and the wife LOVED it.

Lestat - playing at the theatre between the hotel and Union Square - was excellent. Haven't read the book, only saw IWaV, but the show was really, really good. Elton John did the music and you could notch.

Restaurants we enjoyed - Boogaloo's (whoever recommended this, thank you - breakfast there was my fav meal of the trip), Rose Pistola (very good Italian in North Beach), and Scoma's on Pier 47? was great seafood.

Restaurants we could have done without - Cortez? across the street from Monaco...okay I guess, but overpriced for sure. The Grand Cafe inside our hotel...yawn...

Haight/Ashbury was everything my wife wanted...hippie [censored] and dirty...she loved the nice contrast with our hotel.

Sausalito was was raining and dreary that day though, so maybe it's better on a nice day.

Did so much more but those were the high and low points. Great city...I envy those of you who get to live there...that is all.
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