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Old 12-12-2005, 11:57 PM
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Default Re: Has the Iraq War hurt our ability to deal with this whacko PM in I

We want Iranian nukes wiped out as much as Israel does.

[/ QUOTE ]
I'm fairly confident the above is false. Israel wants Iran's nukes wiped out much more than we do. Our very survival as a country is not riding on whether Iran develops a nuke or two. Israel's is.

I think that Israel should say that if any nuke goes off even close to Israel, they will nuke Mecca. Sure it'd piss off a bunch of muslims, but would they be willing to risk their holy site on it?

[/ QUOTE ]

Nukes in the middle east are all smoke and mirrors. There is little chance that any nation would ever use nukes because of the fear of retaliation. Oh wait, the Isralis are the only ones with nukes so they can do whateve rthe [censored] they want. The region would stabilze more if the balance of power was evened out.
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