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Old 09-28-2005, 11:42 PM
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Default Home Tournament Structure

Aight, some friends at my school are trying to develop a formal poker series and there've been some disagreements over structure. Where it's at now is posted below. I think 50BB for starting stacks is way too shallow, I also think the payouts are too top heavy. The blinds have been moved from 20 to 15 minutes, which I think is best. I still don't think they need to slow for the later rounds. The last thing is table size. With 18 people I think 3 tables of 6 is much better than 2 of 9. Anywho, wondered if you guys had some thoughts as I don't seem to be able to argue my preferences very well and wondered if they really mattered that much.

Tournament Rules for the first tournament will be as follows . . .

Every player will begin with $5 of chips.

The blinds will begin at 5/10 and go up as follows . . .
5/10 - 10/20 - 15/30 - 20/40 (raise every 15 min)

25/50 - 30/60 - 40/80 - 50/1.00 (raise every 15 min)

.75/1.50 - 1/2 - 1.50/3 - 2/4 (raise every 30 min)

This is a similar blind structure to the previous tournament but includes a couple of intermediate blinds we skipped.

Table Size: We will aim to have tables of 7-9 people. Tables will combine whenever we can have one less table and again have 7-9 at each table. For instance, if we begin with 24 players (3 tables of 8) we will combine when we are down 18 players (2 tables of 9). The final table will always consist of the final 9 players.

15 people ($5)
1st- $40
2nd- $25
3rd- $10

20 people ($5)
1st- $50
2nd- $30
3rd- $15
4th- $5

25 people ($5)
1st- $60
2nd- $30
3rd- $20
4th- $10
5th- $5

30 people ($5)
1st- $70
2nd- $35
3rd- $25
4th- $15
5th- $5
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