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Old 12-30-2005, 02:00 AM
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Default You might be a Poker Junkie if.....

I'd love to take credit for this, but got it in e-mail...

1. You get your home Loan from Neteller.

2. You invest in your kids education by sending them to Online Poker School.

3. When going to the restroom, you look for the sign “Open Seat,” instead of “Occupied,” or “Vacant”.

4. You name your kids Chip and Teddy KGB

5. You inquire about your friends’ wives, asking if they are loose or tight and your friends do not punch you.

6. Despite your prime reason for going, you never actually get married in Vegas because the 10/20 game at the Bellagio is just too good to leave.

7. After receiving money automatically form an ATM you are puzzled that you were’nt asked to wait 7-14 days for the transaction to be approved.

8. You send protest letters to the motion picture academy arguing that Rounders should have won 6 academy awards.

9. You log on to a Poker Forum just before you go to bed to make sure you are up to date with all the posts, and do the same when you wake up

10. You get angry at your local bank teller because he/she has just informed you there is no deposit bonus.

11. Whenever you lose at something, you blame it on variance, followed by explaining that you are downswinging.

12. Whenever your in a fight, you instinctively call the other guy a F#%$ing fish.

13. You demand your partner spices up your sex life by speaking like the blonde chick on Titan Poker "I'm allll innnn!"

14. You phone up the Samaritans just to tell your bad beat stories top someone who won't hang up.

15. Half way through a lengthy "Bad Beat" story you can sense your non-poker playing buddies have no idea what you’re talking about, yet you continue the story for another 20 mins for your own delight.

16. When filling your car with fuel you make a value bet by always going 2 cents over your target

17. You tattooed 2 Aces on your arm instead of your kids names.

18. At a funeral you’re the only person who always thinks a $20 Sit ’n Go would liven up the night!

19. You taped Rounders… OVER YOUR WEDDING VIDEO!!

20. During sex your partner screams out Johnny Chan . And you think that’s hot!
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