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Old 11-24-2005, 08:43 AM
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Default Bally\'s Circuit Event--Full Scale Blowup

So I'm playing in the 500 dollar limit event at Bally's. I along with many others didn't realize it was a limit event until play had been going on for a while. That's not the interesting part though.

There's this guy whose nickname is the Italian Stallion. He's an old guy, very loud that has this spiel everytime he goes to a table.

He says "I'm the Italian Stallion. Anyone that thinks that they can beat me say I. (short pause) The nays have it." and "I've been trying hard to lose, but haven't been able to yet." I saw him at a previous event as well as at the limit event.

Mostly he seemed contrived and sort of fun, but he didn't strike me as mentally balanced.

So, after a while into this tournament, there's a commotion. The room just felt odd, and everyone started standing up.

I look over to the middle of the floor and two people are struggling with an older man, trying to what looks like first control him, then get him away from the table. Turns out it was none other than the Italian Stallion. Eventually, he is put in a guillotine by a floorperson and forcibly removed from the gaming floor.

Not quite what I expected when I signed up for this thing. The event did give us something to joke about for the rest of the tourney.

Another guy that was at the table told us that he got so mad at this other player that he took a swing at him.

I heard from another guy that he used to be a bodyguard for Stu Ungar.
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Old 11-24-2005, 08:57 AM
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Default Re: Bally\'s Circuit Event--Full Scale Blowup

Now thats the way to report to the rail.
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