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Old 12-21-2005, 05:31 PM
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Default A little line check or two

Both hands were 1/2 NL on bodog, so I donno how to get nice pretty conversions. Anyway I'll try to make these presentable.

Hand #1
First hand at table

Hero ($200) posts $2 blind in LMP
Hero is dealt AhAd
Folded to hero who raises to $7
Button ($80) calls.

Flop 8h 6h 3h
Hero bets $12, button calls

Turn 9c
Hero checks. Button bets $12. Hero is all in (effectively $50 more).

Hand #2 (early hand at another table)

Hero is in MP dealt JcTc
One ($175) EP limper
Hero raises to $8
SB ($110) minraises to $14
EP folds, hero calls.

Flop J 8 4 (rainbow, no clubs)
SB bets $24 (~$72 behind)
Hero ?????

The issue in hand 2 is that I can't get any more information really without getting all of my chips in. And I just don't know how much I like my hand. Thoughts?

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