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Old 12-27-2005, 06:17 PM
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Default A very short, very winning session

Why do people sit down at a table with 6 BB? And why do sites allow this?

I just started a game at Prima, and some guy sits down with 6 BB and change. First hand HU, I have QJ vs his AJ when a J flops, but I make the straight on the river. This leaves him with less than 3 small bets. So on the next hand, when I raise from the SB, he reraises all in.

He has JTs, I have A7o. Flop is all rags, but two spades (his suit). Turn gives him the flush. River is the fourth spade. Guess what color my ace is?

Villain is out of money and leaves after two hands.

Session summary:

Hands: 2
Length: 1 min
Amount won: 6 and 1/12 BB
BB/ hour: 364.95
BB/100: 304.13

If only I could always run this hot!
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