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Old 03-09-2003, 03:33 AM
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Default You know you watch it: American Idol predictions

The contestants:

Carmen Rasmusen:

She didn't sing all that well, but Simon picked her anyways. She is pretty, but not gorgeous. I didn't like her song choice, and she's a Morman which makes the fact that she has a good body pretty useless. Unless her voice gets much better, look for an early exit.

Charles Grigsby

Another mystery to me. He did not stand out in his initial performance. His look is decent, as is his voice, but nothing about him stands out except his somewhat annoying personality. One slip up and he will be out quickly. If people voted against contestants, he would survive for a bit, but I don't see many people voting FOR him.

Clay Aiken

Clay has given two great performaces. I have always wondered why no one sings Journey. Does he have the best voice in the competition? Probably not. But he does have the best control over his voice and most consistancy of anyone thus far. His voice is not the question though. The question is his image. He looks like a little dork. Sure he has improved his dress, but he is still a dork. What works for him is that he is such a dork that he is lovable. If he was just some ugly dude he would have no chance, but he is beyond that. If his voice holds, look for him to make the top 4.

Corey Clark

Mystery #3. I thought his performance was pretty bad. I don't know why he is here. He doesn't sing that well, and his personality is annoying. Paula and some others seem to think he is attractive, but he isn't. He is my least favorite of everyone left, and I hope he goes out first. Corey is the weak link. He will be gone in the first 4 because eventually the viewers will realize that he is singing off key.

Joshua Gracin

Joshua the Marine is one of the favorites right now. He is clearly the best looking male in the competition, he is a member of the Armed forces, and he sings pretty damn well. His voice isn't as good as Clay's or Ruben's, but whose poster is going in teen girls' rooms? I don't think he has the flair to win it, but look for him in or near the top 4.

Julia DeMato

Julia is one of the pretty girls, and this pretty girl sings pretty well. Unfortuantely, she doesn't seem to have enough control over her voice to take it down. She is not the American Idol. Look for an exit somewhere in the middle.

Kimberly Caldwell

Arguably the best looking girl left, and she can sing. Her song choice in the wild card show kind of stunk, but she has the personality to go all the way. Her achillies heel is the fact that she doesn't have an amazing voice. If she chooses a song outside of her abilities she could go down early, but my intuition tells me she'll make it pretty far.

Kimberley Locke

Everyone thinks she has a great voice but I'm going to let you in on a secret. She sang "Somewhere Over the Rainbow". That is an easy song. I don't doubt that she can sing, but at this point she is way overrated. We already know she doesn't have the look (her forehead alone disqualifies her), her attitude stinks, and she can sing a song that I can sing in key. She will have a following among girls who want a girl who isn't pretty to win, but it won't last (hopefully). She should be out early, but she won't. One false move and that forehead is gone though.

Rickey Smith

Hercules is likeable, but he doesn't look cool and he doesn't sing nearly as well as the others. He may still have a small following that gets him through the first week or two, but it is a singing competition so he will be gone soon enough.

Ruben Studdard

In the world of pop music you have to look good, unless you are a big fat black dude. Ruben's got the voice (arguably the best) and he's got the likability. Final 4.


Why only 1 name? She's not famous yet. Trenyce has one of the better voices, but I'm not a fan of her look. She isn't ugly by any means, but she is not distinctive enough to get a following. Her voice isn't a surprise because the stereotype is that black women sing well. Even though she may be one of the more talented people, I don't see who the dynamic voting for her will be. She won't screw up early on, but she won't stand out later. Middle exit.

Vanessa Olivarez

Ahh. The girl Simon told to lose weight. And sadly, he was right. I really like Vanessa, but looking at her pale meaty arms during her last performance turned me off a little. She has style and she is distinctive. I just don't want to see her arms. Her voice is quite good, and her choice of Bohemian Rhapsody in the tryouts gets her some style points. Unless she screws up she'll go pretty far. Farther if she gets some sleeves or hits the gym.

In short

The first 4 out


Somewhere in the middle

Kimberley Locke

Final 4

Kimberly Caldwell

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