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Old 03-08-2004, 10:56 AM
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Default QQ with a raise in-front

Yes, another tough spot w/QQ.

2-tables 33$ SNG, we're last 9, 4 see the money. I'm second w/T5200, after a nice comeback from T150. Blinds 100/200, ante 25.

I hold QQ in CO. Folded to MP (T3000), who raises to 800. Now this guy was limping a lot, even with high blinds, and with small suited connectors from EP. He also calls a lot post-flop. Very loose-passive, in general. It's maybe the 4th time he raises PF in the whole tourney (we were at the same first table), and that includes the short-handed phaze. So I put him on a strong hand, if not a monster: TT-AA, AK, AQ. Maybe even a better range.

I know that if I push, he'll call, no matter what.

What's my move?
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