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Old 03-08-2004, 10:56 AM
PrayingMantis PrayingMantis is offline
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Default QQ with a raise in-front

Yes, another tough spot w/QQ.

2-tables 33$ SNG, we're last 9, 4 see the money. I'm second w/T5200, after a nice comeback from T150. Blinds 100/200, ante 25.

I hold QQ in CO. Folded to MP (T3000), who raises to 800. Now this guy was limping a lot, even with high blinds, and with small suited connectors from EP. He also calls a lot post-flop. Very loose-passive, in general. It's maybe the 4th time he raises PF in the whole tourney (we were at the same first table), and that includes the short-handed phaze. So I put him on a strong hand, if not a monster: TT-AA, AK, AQ. Maybe even a better range.

I know that if I push, he'll call, no matter what.

What's my move?
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Old 03-08-2004, 12:43 PM
Guy McSucker Guy McSucker is offline
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Default Re: QQ with a raise in-front

If that's really his range of hands for this move, and if he really won't fold to a reraise, then you should probably fold.

Moving all-in now gives you an edge over that range of hands, but it's an edge that rapidly disappears if he's a little tighter (is that what you meant by "a better range?") and it's not that big an edge anyway: about 10% (300 chips) I think, but with a lot of risk. There will be lots more chances to pick up 300 chips in this tournament without risking so much.

Calling is bad because you give up the chance to take on the hands you dominate: if he has TT, for example, and the flop comes with any card above a ten, you probably won't get any of his money; but the hands that dominate you will still give you plenty of action!

I suppose there's something to say about what he'll do with an unimproved AK on a J-high board, for instance. Would he bet it? It seems unlikely to me, given his other traits, so you can't gain a big advantage over AK by calling his preflop raise.

Oh dear. I hate this plan; but if that's your read, I think it's right.

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Old 03-08-2004, 05:06 PM
PrayingMantis PrayingMantis is offline
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Join Date: Nov 2003
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Default Results

Thanks for the reply, Guy.

I agree calling is probaby the worst option here, unless I'm doing it only for set value, which doesn't make much sense with this amount of raise (15% of my stack). I wouldn't feel comfortable with any flop: he can slowplay KK-AA on rags, trying to trap me, and with A or K on board, I'm probably calling PF to fold. So unless I'm going for the stop-n-go, I don't see a reason to call. And I'm not short enough for that move.

Folding might be the best move, although it's very tough to fold QQ here, without really *seeing* your opponent's cards. Anyway, at the heat of the moment, I couldn't resist pushing, and hoped that he's on TT, JJ or AQ, and that I'm not facing AA, KK or a coin-flip vs. AK.

He called with AK, caught a K, and I lost it, but was still very much alive. It was probably an unnecessay gamble, with my good read of him.

Sad anecdote: in this very SNG, that was the second time my QQ ran into AK, all-in, and lost. Talking about cold streaks.

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