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Old 12-31-2005, 03:36 AM
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Default Can someone explain how these props work?

I figured somone in this forum would know. Here is an entry out of DN's blog and I couldnt quite figure it out. What is the big boy and why is he multiplying by 4 sometimes and by 1 other times. Thanks for the help.

"At this point I was only playing props heads up, when I hit my dream flop: 5-5-5. That flop pays me out huge since I have a 5 in 5 out of my 7 props:

4-5-6 (big boy)

When you flop trips, that pays double also, so this prop was worth:

4 x $7000= $28,000
1 x $10,000= $10,000
x 2 for trips= $76,000

Now, if I was on for triples and hit this prop playing four handed, it would pay me a cool $684,000!

Unfortunately in this case, I was only on for singles and my opponent was on for doubles and had a 5 in one of his props. He owed me $76,000 but I had to pay him back $28,000. Still, a $48,000 profit.

Then, to my surprise I hit my second biggest prop when I was on for doubles. The flop came 7-7-7 and I have three 7's in my props, so that one paid:

3 x $7000= $21,000
x 2 for trips= $42,000
x 2 for doubles= $84,000

He was on for singles and has a 7 in his big boy and another 7, so this prop netted me $50,000."
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Old 12-31-2005, 04:08 AM
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Default Re: Can someone explain how these props work?

he says what it is in his blog, but

the big boy pays out more than his other props. It's like his bonus prop.
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