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Old 11-21-2005, 12:47 PM
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Default Re: A more retarded hand of PLO8 you wont see in a long time.

[ QUOTE ];hand=117594

[/ QUOTE ]
Funny, but why not just ignore him? I am from now on. I suspect the main reason he posts and draws attention to himself is getting rakeback from newbies who follow the trail and then naively sign up using his bonus codes.

BTW why is his site still in the FAQ? From what I can see, his entire site contains nothing but advertisements and attempts to get people to sign up using his bonus codes. The only poker content I can find is 10 commented hands of dubious value, and they aren't even prominently displayed on his site. Gergery's site contains all of his content and much much more without any advertising.

Other posters have to pay 2+2 to advertise their affiliate websites (even if they contain strategy content), Ribbo should too. If he adds some decent content (or even a couple of strategy articles), then fine. But as it is now he's just getting free advertising and providing very little in return.
Old 11-21-2005, 01:49 PM
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Default Re: A more retarded hand of PLO8 you wont see in a long time.

This is a valid concern and one I have struggled with. I've put together an archived list of posts that concern me as well as the issue with linking to blogs/instructional web sites that contain commercial advertising and I will be going over it with Matt Sklansky. I've always been very hardcore on this (as ribbo can attest from our now multiple flame wars both here, in PM and in the PLO High forum) and have a very low tolerance for anything I perceive as overt and guerilla commercial advertising. With my biases in mind, I need to get a second opinion or two and then will act accordingly.
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