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Old 12-29-2005, 06:27 AM
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Default Reraise more preflop or Paris Hilton will cut off your manhood.

Hello my 2+2 Mentors!

I keep thinking to myself.

Not reraising enough preflop is hazardous to your balls!

Also does my postflop play suck?

I don't find any good NL600 or NL400 tables.
So I spot a fish in a $200NL table to I sit down and get TT in the cutoff.

NL200, 4th hand at the table. I don't have good reads on anyone.

Stack size $200 in the cutoff.

I get TT

2 calls and a min raise to $4 from MP ($200)

I raise to $12 (I should have raised to about $24 or so right??????)
Called by the button (VP$IP 17)
Folded around to the original raiser who calls. (he has to put in $8 to see a pot of $30, no brainer)


Flop comes Q73r

I see one highish card and 2 widely spaced low cards.
I was the preflop raiser.

MP checks to me.

This is an auto continuation bet right???
How much do I bet? I have $188.
Button has $44.
MP has me covered.

Should I put the Button all in?
I don't know what to do so I bet half the pot.
There are no flush draws or straight draws.

I bet $19 into a $38 pot.

Button Calls $19
MP folds

Turn Blank 6h

Button has $25 left.

There is $47 in the pot.

Should I put him all in???
I want to check it down , But I know I'll probably call a bet if he makes one.

I check
He goes all in for $25

What do you do now????
Pot is $72 costs you $25 to call.
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Old 12-29-2005, 06:55 AM
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Default Re: Reraise more preflop or Paris Hilton will cut off your manhood.

I wouldn't reraise much more preflop, you'd just be putting yourself in trouble, who'd call that much? AA-QQ and u'd be dead. Flop is fine though I wouldn't bet exactly 1/2 pot. You might be beat but at this point ur getting 3-1 on ur money and ur pot committed. There's only 1 overcard out there. Easy call
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