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Old 08-05-2002, 08:04 AM
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Default The Quizshow

Hi there...

Here is an old but good one. (please excuse my spelling and choice of words - english is not my first language)

You are the last person left in a quizshow. You now have the possibility to win a car. The quizmaster shows you 3 doors. Behind 1 of them, there is a car. Behind the other 2 there is nothing. He tells you to pick a door, and you do. The door remains closed. Now he says: "I'll help you - I'll show you a door with nothing behind. He opens 1 of the doors that you didn't pick. Now he says: "Would like to change your mind and pick the other closed door, or would you like the one you've picked in the first place?"

Now you have 3 options:

1) Change your mind, and pick the other door

2) Stick to the door you've picked first

3) It doesn't make any difference

Well - what's it gonna be (And why!)



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