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Old 12-29-2005, 12:48 AM
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Default Curtains made me do it!

So this hand is somewhat interesting IMO:

Level 4 (50/100 blinds)
8 handed
Seat 8 is the button

Seat 1: rrchip ( $2275 )
Seat 3: Bills142 ( $935 )
Seat 4: gfinsen ( $925 )
Seat 6: Ka52_Hokum ( $1555 )
Seat 7: SHIP_IT_FISH ( $970 )
Seat 8: devancali25 ( $1109 )
Seat 9: wadnbuttAA ( $1496 )
Seat 10: curtainz ( $735 )

rrchip folds.
Bills142 folds.
gfinsen calls [100].
Ka52_Hokum folds.
devancali25 folds.
wadnbuttAA folds.

Dealt to curtainz [ Ac 5h ]

curtains is the BB here so no one is left to act preflop. gfinsen had been limping since level 3 regularly (seemed to be a bit of a chronic mid stage limper) but wasn't raising preflop at all.

What would your play be here?

Who is at work but promises a few more to come!!
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