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Old 12-02-2005, 09:14 PM
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Default Re: About the mega-affils who initially offered Party RB...?

But, I also would like to know what exactly happened.

[/ QUOTE ]

Below is a copy of one of many emails sent to the affiliates affected that week.

The logins were frozen while Party looked into them and they finally decided to remove the logins & players from under us. They made this determination based on a few things. One is that most of the players were current Party players and not dormant or or low activity accounts.

We came to a settlement with Party that if you can sign new players up under a few trackers, and these players are not Party players or rakeback promoted players and the numbers are similiar to what you did for a few days in October, we will be able to get you some to all of your money.

We lost a lot on that week too, and feel bad that things did not work out as planned. It makes no sense to go over the whys and hows of things at this point. What we are doing is allowing the affiliates affected set up new logins and bring in players at the same percentage offered before. also, I am in the process of figuring out some type of small payment once an afiiliate reaches a certain MGR, to help make up for what happened that week. This would be from us, out of pocket, to try and make amends.

It seems as though the actions of only two affiliates affected what we were doing. Mass spamming, newsgroup posting, using our program as leverage with Party to get more, etc - it all brought too much attention and Party decided to look into it further.

Below are snippits of emails with Party resolving this issue....

removed from post, as I don't feel it is proper to post personal emails without permission.
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