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Old 06-09-2005, 01:37 AM
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Default How would you play this hand

Live 6/12 with full kill and in effect O h/l.

I am in CO and have the kill for $12 in the pot. I have an aggressive player in MP who has been showing down mostly "weak" omaha hands (sucker end of the str8/flush, TTP and the like).

PF: Folds to MP how raises, I have AA89 ss and am last to act, BB calls and I call.

Flop: KK3, BB checks, MP bets, I call, BB calls.

Turn: 9 (rainbow), BB bets, MP calls, I call.

River: J, BB checks, MP bets, I start to reach for chips and the BB mucks before I actually do anything, I call and scoop the pot.

Honestly I have been having a hard time with this type of hand. This hand is a prime exmaple. I have an over pair and see the board paired with a paint under card. I have been folding this the vast majority of the time, only to see that I would have scooped the pot or split, but expecting to see a set/boat.

My HE skills/expeirence tells me that folding is right more times than not, at least not without a very good read with something like this. But I have been proven wrong so many times I am thinking that calling in this situation might have some value.
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