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Old 12-31-2005, 07:57 AM
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Default Re: Follow up bets


There is not enough information to answer. Provide some example flops.

For example if the board looks like a str8 or flush you can bet 1/4 pot and that looks like an invitation-- suspicious-- and you can take it down with 1/4 if the opponent is a decent player who missed. So here your husband's assertion holds.

Paired boards are another decent example. If you can be first in to bet at a paired-board rainbow flop with 3 or less opponents in the pot, with a trash hand, you can often bet 1/2 which looks like a come-on-in, Ive-got-trips raise. Suspicious again. Decent player that missed cannot call.

Note that both plays are more effective with position. In your example you are last to act in a 2-way pot and its is implied in your example that SB has checked.
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