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Old 04-04-2004, 10:01 AM
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Default More woes from the bubble boy

I had posted earlier about my most common result, although not statistically significant, being 4th place. Here's another instance. My question here is how desperate should I get with an all-in raise? With a short stack and the blinds coming around in rapid fire and going up every 2 1/2 orbits, I know I can't wait for premium hands. I am ready to move in with any pair, any A, and some other hands, but what should I do with these...

The blinds are 100/200
Seat 2: opp1(1170)
Seat 4: me(660)
Seat 5: opp2(4995)
Seat 10: opp3(1175)

I am under the gun with 93 off suit. OK, I can probably wait for better than that. Fold.

Next, I am in the big blind with 86 offsuit. Well, maybe I'll get a free play and get lucky. No dice. The UTG player limps and the button makes a minimum raise. The SB folds. An all-in raise by me here is likely to get called, and I don't like my chances against a raiser. Smooth calling the raise is a possibility, but I still think that I can at least wait for a face card. Plus, I would prefer to be the aggressor. Fold.

Now, I am in the small blind with...
94 off suit. I am still hoping to see a face card before I am blinded out. Everyone folds to me. I have 510 chips left and the big blind is the chip leader with over 4,000. I'm not going to get him to fold here. I could still get lucky with 94. Am I that desperate? Nah. I have two "free" hands coming up. Fold.

Not only that, the blinds are increasing to 200/400 next hand. At least if I catch something or am able to steal the blinds (OK, that's not going to happen with my bold all-in raise to 510), but if I catch something, I can end up with 1000 chips. And, I get dealt...
62 off suit.
OK, I'll wait 1 more hand to see a card bigger than a 9. Fold.
Now I am under the gun with...
52 off suit. Maybe the blinds will be kind to me. Even better, maybe someone else will go broke this hand. Fold.
Wrong on both counts. My big blind brings me...
9d 6h
The UTG player limps. Everyone else folds. OK, I'll take a free peek at the flop.
The flop is 2s, Tc, Qc
This is probably the best chance I'm going to get. Perhaps the flop missed my opponent (chip leader with 5,000+) It's time to step up to bat...
ALL-IN for 310.
Chip leader calls and turns up Kd 8d. (Brilliant UTG slow play pre flop). The turn and river bring off suit jacks, and I am out.

OK, here is your chance to vote. Which desperate hand do you think I should move in on? Alternate vote: Wait another hand to see if you can get a face card.
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