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Old 11-08-2005, 04:04 AM
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Default Movie ID/Help me not be insane

I'm on like no sleep thanks to this weekend, so this post may not make sense. Enjoy!

On the plane back from Vegas the guy in the seat infront of me is watching this very odd movie on his laptop, and I'd love to know what it was.

It's hard, because I'm not sure that what I'm about to describe was actually the same movie, but I think it is. I didn't recognize anybody in it, I'm guessing it's european...

It appears to start out with this guy, maybe depression era, but we also see him in the future as well. And flashed back as a kid as well. He's got some cute blonde girl with him, but seems crazy, and tries to kill himself at some point by throwing a TV out a window and then cutting himself on the class left on the edge of the window.

During this there's lots of weird flashbacks and odd cuts to animated bits that potentially were just the dude's screen saver.

Then at some point (and here's where I'm not sure that it's the same movie) he ends up in war, gets hurt, gets injected with something, and there's lots of shots of maggots, like he thinks he's covered in them or something?

Then it would appear he ends up as the leader of this group of people who are dressed like nazis (black outfits, red arm bands) but their logo is a hammer and sickle, but not the standard one, like this, but maybe without the spike thingy in the middle:

So I'm thinking this is about communists or something.

Then the people (all white btw) riot. I didn't seen the ending.

I'm thinking that if anybody has seen this, some of the visuals are distinctive enough that this will clue somebody in.
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