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Old 12-29-2005, 06:53 PM
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Default Good Taj stories?

Just got back from only my second trip to AC (and only second time playing live). First trip, I played only Borgata and the Trop. This time I stopped by the Taj, and wound up playing about 20 hours of 5/10 there Tuesday and Wednesday. I've got to say I had more fun there than either of the other two places. The characters at the Taj are something else, and while you're waiting an hour for a decent hand to play, it's really the people around you who are keeping you entertained, rather than the game, at least for me.

For example, I don't see any of these things happening at the Borgata.

1) 3am Wednesday morning, a middle aged Asian lady who's been hanging around for a few hours comes over to my table and starts feeling the head of the young guy sitting next to me. She then proceeds to tell him he's going to be married two times.

2) Over the course of 2 days, I played two people who didn't appear to have any teeth. My n is low, but my impression so far is that people without teeth don't play very good poker.

3) An unhappy looking Russian guy has spent about 48 hours straight at the 5/10 tables. He is fast asleep when he is not in a hand.

Got any good Taj stories?
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