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Old 12-08-2005, 04:32 PM
jcm4ccc jcm4ccc is offline
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Default Re: Calling with King high?

This is almost certainly a huge hand. Even the most donkish villian will see that he has FE against you if he pushes. he may not know the term "Folding Equity," but he will intuitively understand that you are not calling off half your stack with nothing.

If the villian is attempting a steal with a clever move, it is an incredibly high risk move. He is min-raising into a big stack (the SB). A donkey may not think about that. But he has another 6 hands before the blinds hit him again. A donkey is DEFINITELY thinking about that.

A good player will look to steal when the situation is favorable. A donkey is hoping and praying to hit a huge hand. With that stack size and in that position (six hands to go before the blinds hit), there is nothing in-between.
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Old 12-08-2005, 05:29 PM
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Default Re: Calling with King high?

I agree with the above statement... However, you have to add to the fact... has he min raised with an all in stack before? I think thats what he's saying. Say he had a big stack and min raised but then lost a big pot and min raised again, he could still think he has a big stack and is afraid to commit all his chips preflop with a hand like QJ,KT,KJ,A9 etc... or even AK. OR he could be trapping w/ a monster like AA. If this is the first time u've seen him do it, like said above, just fold, otherwise stop and go.
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Old 12-08-2005, 10:50 PM
ansky451 ansky451 is offline
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Default Re: Calling with King high?

In that case, remind me to open min raise your big blind from the button with 4x BBs with 72o instead of pushing. I'm always looking to increase folding equity.

[/ QUOTE ]

Doing that assumes that you're willing to call a push/get your push called. I think players that do this are basically conceeding that they're willing to let the other player see 5 cards in exchange for the action. He would still have to call if an ace flopped.

So it wouldn't work with 72...

Ansky you avoided answering the question, sort of. Would you call his push (I know you said you'd push yourself).

[/ QUOTE ]

I was referring to this comment:
I *knew* he had a monster with that min raise. Whenever a shorty min raises like that instead of pushing (which conventional logic says he should push) it usually is a monster.

[/ QUOTE ]

I would stick KJo in there somewhere, I really don't care that he happened to have kings. When someone has 4 bbs I basically consider them to be all in if they put money in the pot. If he pushed, you insta-call right? I hope so.

In this spot since I know hes committed, I'd probably try to stop and go, on the off-off-off chance that he might fold like A2, on a Q98 board or something like that. It's not because i think it will work very often, if ever, its just better than check-calling w/ king high. But the way you played it, if i checked the flop, I'd have called his push blind.
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