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Old 12-30-2005, 01:22 AM
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Default figuring odds when both parties can improve

Here goes. I have AKo, famous player has Ad,Jd, flop is A,d,d,. don't remember exactly what the two diamonds were but flop did not threaten a straight. I have looked up the poker calculator odds and it looks like I was about 54/53% to 47% favorite. This does not seem accurate to me. He has 12 outs to make his flush or another jack. In the event he catches a jack I can still come back if I catch a non diamond K. most of the runs I have seen only seem to count his outs and do not counter my possibilities of drawing a K, I basically have two outs in the event another J hits the board. Do the poker calculators figure full house, straights, quads etc?. It seems like my two good Ks (about 8% chance) should be subtracted from famous players 35% (flush) and 12% (extra jack). Bottom line, seems like this hand should be stronger than 53% favorite. btw, my hand held up. We both got all in after the flop, later looked it up, suprised I was not a bigger favorite. mw999
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