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Old 01-20-2005, 12:16 AM
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Default Party Omaha Hand History

I was thinking that poker tracker should be able to load Omaha hand histories, they are so similar to Hold'em hand history. So I tried some things with a few .5/1 Limit Omaha Hi hands and I think this might work.

Open a Omaha hand history file stored in the party folder, the replace all 'Omaha Hi' with 'Hold'em', then save the file. Then you can load this file in to Poker tracker. Now I can see some Omaha hands in poker Tracker. They are listed as .5/1 hands, so then I created a new database called Omaha and can import hands from party into it. I have not tried it with Pot Limit or Hi/lo, but it seems like that would work too.

I think this is showing an accurate VPIP, BB/100, etc.. The list of starting hands and the playback only show the first 2 hole cards.
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