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Old 07-24-2005, 03:45 AM
redrooski24 redrooski24 is offline
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Default 77 in BB, can I call this?

***** Hand History for Game 2414751388 *****
NL Texas Hold'em Trny:14202147 Level:16 Blinds (2000/4000) - Sunday, July 24, 03:27:51 EDT 2005
Table Multi-Table(401347) Table #4 (Real Money)
Seat 4 is the button
Total number of players : 9
Seat 7: redrooski24 ( $33700 )
Seat 1: Scorpiion ( $29432 )
Seat 4: phineas51 ( $18696 )
Seat 10: BornMuppet ( $39160 )
Seat 8: s_millertime ( $146120 )
Seat 9: rebbel31 ( $29058 )
Seat 2: kali38 ( $12484 )
Seat 5: SPARTANS_MSU ( $14782 )
Seat 3: gak1981 ( $38791 )
Trny:14202147 Level:16
Blinds (2000/4000)
** Dealing down cards **
Dealt to redrooski24 [ 7h 7d ]
s_millertime folds.
rebbel31 folds.
BornMuppet folds.
Scorpiion folds.
kali38 folds.
gak1981 raises [30000].
phineas51 folds.
Your time bank will become active in less than 20 seconds. If you do not want it to be used, please act now.
redrooski24 will be using his time bank for this hand.
no one has that many
good pot odds?
but may have this one
redrooski24 folds.
gak1981 does not show cards.
gak1981 wins 36000 chips

Villain made a min raise UTG with JTs and had made a similar huge raise in the CO on the previous hand. Do I call and risk my stack here to go real deep or look to outplay my opponents at a later spot? This is in the mid/late stages with 35ish left out of 1200+ in a $22 Party MTT.
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