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Old 12-01-2005, 06:04 PM
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Default analyzing hh

I know this is a software thing but I mostly hang out here and figured most ppl prolly wouldn't see this if I posted there.

I wrote 2 perl scripts; one pulls out any starting hand you tell it ("KQo" or "77" or "79s", etc); the other pulls out any villain c-r you tell it (for "flop" or "turn" or "river"). pokertracker can kind of do the first one but you can't export the hands (like if you want somebody else to take a look, look at ALL stats for just that hand, etc.); pt can't do the second one.

I was planning to pm them to ppl instead of posting the scripts because when ppl find problems I don't want to have to keep updating the post.

BUT, couple things:

1. I'd like to find somebody actually running perl on windows (or that wants to install it) so I can see if they'll run or what little tweak might be needed. I use linux and the scripts work fine for me and honestly have no reason to bother with installing perl on windows;

2. Right now it only works with pt-exported party or stars hands because that's all I play and don't have hh for other sites. If somebody wants to send me some other site hh I'll see if the changes are easy; if you send them they HAVE to be at least 2 hands exported from pt (like send 1 brief sessions' worth).

So if somebody wants to test them on windows, pm me I'll send the scripts; then I can see what changes are needed to work for other windows users.

Last thing is, if anybody has ideas for hh analysis for things pt can't do, that's really the main reason I'm posting. I'm not looking for "statistical" kinds of things (but would consider it); mainly playing situations that pt can't do.

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