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Old 12-30-2005, 02:17 PM
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Default Re: AK Help

Why in the world do you check the turn here? Opponent has shown no strength, he can easily be on the str8 draw or a worse pair./../ Checking seems to just telegraph weakness and let you get blown off the hand by a worse hand.

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Yes, this is true except you don't get blown off cause you call.

Checking behind on the turn with TPTK or an overpair is a very basic NL concept which really should be understood if you want to play at any kind of stakes.

The advantages are basically:
1) You keep the pot small with a mediocre hand.
2)You feign weakness, inducing him to bluff a missed draw in the river. This might well be more +EV than charging the draws on the turn.
3)You feign weakness and get a nice value bet in on the river against a K or maybe Q, which will often be dropped by a tightish opponent.

If you knew villain was a donk would you still check the turn?

[/ QUOTE ]

Depends what sort of donk. I bet this turn against a calling station with very few moves, but against an aggro donk I am likely to check because a checkraise puts me in an ugly -EV spot where I am liable to make a mistake.

Other factors that might cause you to bet the turn is an aggro table image, a more drawy board etcetera, but checking behind with TPTK is very much ABC play.
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Old 12-30-2005, 02:43 PM
NickPoker NickPoker is offline
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Default Re: AK Help

Very nice post Emil. How would you handle the type of opponent who almost always calls your continuation bet? Do you still check, and hope he will bluff?
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