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Old 08-01-2002, 10:56 PM
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Default Odds/Outs Question

I read on this forum many times how one can take possible outs and multiply those outs by 2 or 4 to get the rough % that you will make your hand on the turn and river respectively.

Example - you have 6 outs (overcards) so you roughly have a 12% chance of hitting your hand on the turn and a 24% on the river.

Now, if I do the card division:

I hold 2 cards - flop shows 3 so there's 47 cards left out there.

I need to hit 6 to make my hand.

47/6 = 7.83

What does that number mean? Wouldn't that roughly translate into the % that I would see one of my 6 cards on the next round?

I'm sure I'm just missing or overthinking here - but this is driving me nuts.
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