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Old 12-26-2005, 03:15 PM
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Default fundamental mistake on Turn?

I was just thinking, when we figure the odds for playing on past the flop its pretty easy in that all the bets have been the same "unit" . What about on the Turn? In other words lets say a simple $1-$2 game you need to have roughly $4 dollars in the pot to continue play with 2 overcards to the board because the odds with 6 outs is 24% right?
But on the turn the bet or unit doubles so now with the odds of hitting reduced to 14% how much would we need to continue in the pot? about $28?

I hope this is making sense, Im so bad with writing what I am thinking!

I am trying to create a simple by the dollar odds table for math geniuses like me. Has anyone ever seen one online?

Thanx People!
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