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Old 11-23-2005, 01:47 PM
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Default categorizing your opponents??

i have been thinking about this for awhile.

i find it very hard to characterize my opponents in SNG. do people think there is enough time for that AND/OR are lower level players easy to categorize?

it seems like other than maybe about 2 people out of 10 who are completely crazy and want to go all-in for its own sake (i.e. they are just having fun with the gambling aspect), the rest are pretty unpredictable.

if i start with 1500 chips and the blinds have gone up to 50/100, so i put in a 300 chip raise with KK, i have almost no clue whether they'll all fold or 3 will call (i know it depends moderately on everyone's position)....

i just find the players completely unpredictable and that there isn't enough time to really dissect their patterns.

any thoughts??


just a note (probably what i wanted to say at the start):
probably this is just an extension of a recent tailspin. i was running quite hot for awhile and of course thought it was my great skill. now, i'm getting busted all over the place. i've even been breaking people's bluffs quite well (i.e. reading them nicely) and then they river on me....

i am learning the hard way that cards run hot and cold. and i knew that already, but the more i write it here i can go back and read this when i've somehow forgotten.
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