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Old 11-15-2005, 08:39 PM
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Default Late Stage MTT troubles. Destiny?

This took place last night in the Super on party poker. I didn't think much of the hand after it happened. Maybe it was late and i was just tired. But after rolling it around in my head today, figured i'd get some feedback from you guys.

Well, we made the money, and i was rocking. Then of course the donk still left in the tournament cripples me with some bonehead play, and now i'm trying to survive. Blinds at 500/1000, i have 2800 in chips. MP i get KQs....naturally i move in, i get one caller and my hand holds doubling me up close to 6700 roughly.

Next hand i'm UTG+2. Now here's the trouble. Right now there's 62 players left. 60 players makes a huge pay jump. Average chip stack is just over 20k. Sure i can get through another round and try to survive 2 more players for more money, but at the same time, i know i have to double up again to try and have a chance. Well, i get AJo. Now, i can't really raise 3x to 4x bb without commiting myself all in. So my play has to be allin. If i get called, i doubt it will be by a weak ace. So if i make this all in play, i'm either going to be dominated, coin flip situation vs mid pair of some sort, or someone with a monster. Is the allin play here the correct play? I personally felt it was given the circumstances, but a few have said no they'd of let the blinds pass and try to get one more round. I figure what the hell else am i waiting for here. But that's my opinion. Anyone stand to correct that line of thinking?
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Old 11-15-2005, 08:41 PM
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Default Re: Late Stage MTT troubles. Destiny?

Thats a correct play, if you get the t1500 then thats great and a lot of worse hands will call you as well, such as KQ or maybe AT if it is in the blinds, as well as coin flips against smaller pairs.
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