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Old 12-31-2005, 11:30 AM
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Default I hate bottom two pair

2/4 6-max Party

I've raised quite a few hands recently. Some donk has been calling me each time and he makes a hand just baaaarrreeellly better than mine each time. Like I have A4s and he has A5s and he calls a bet on the turn unimproved and wins by checking behind on the river. So I keep raising to get HU with him. I don't know how much the other players are paying attention to this, or if they think I might be starting to steam or anything... I've shown down trashy hands but I haven't done anything ridiculously stupid. No one has played back at me although it's just now getting to the point where it's obvious that I'm raising a bit too frequently preflop.

I open for $14 in the CO with JTo and the button calls, and the donk folds and the other blind folds. The button is fairly TAG. Twice he has raised tiny flop bets with crap and then checked it down when called. A few orbits ago I had openlimped from the SB, bet $6 on the flop, he raised to $20 and I called, then I called $35 on the turn, then I folded to a pretty big river bet (board was like KQxxx). That's really the only history between us since he's been playing fairly tight. I'm sure there have been a few other pots we've played but I think that's the only one where there was much of any action.

So anyway, the flop comes KJT rainbow. I bet $22 which fits in with my previous betting patterns. He raises to $50. We each started the hand with around $400 and I have no idea what to do. Either my stack is getting involved, or I'm folding at some point, and I probably don't want all my stack in the pot, but I'm not ready to fold yet either, and I just really hate being out of position.
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