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Old 12-27-2005, 04:08 PM
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Default Re: Gosh... AQ against a donk. Party 30+3 w/ 250 entrants


Being the aggressor is the key to winning with hands like AQ. You know that most flops are going to miss both you and Villain, and you want to be the one raking in the pot when that happens. Even if the flop hits Villain, KT6, says, she'll be hard-pressed to call a push when you've re-raised her. And, of course, you'll have 10 outs if she does call.

Think about the effect your line will have on Villain. You're 95% sure your hand is best pre-flop. After the flop, it sounds like your plan is to induce a fold whenever Villain misses. In other words, you are planning on "bluffing" the flop, even though most of the time Villain folds, you are ahead anyway. This allows Villain to play perfectly: you hand her your stack when she's ahead, and you give her a red flag when she's beat. If you re-raise pre-flop, Villain will often call or push with a hand you dominate, and when she folds, she'll often be getting at least close to the correct odds to call.
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Old 12-27-2005, 04:29 PM
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Default Re: Gosh... AQ against a donk. Party 30+3 w/ 250 entrants

Yes, I overthought this hand and went too far w/ the whole calling idea (which I'd do w/ KK/AA etc as I mentioned). Duly noted, will raise next time.

Me and AQ only recently got together, it's a very shaky relationship right now but I'm starting to deal better.
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