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Old 12-31-2005, 06:16 AM
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Default Get Thee To a Carnival

I'm sitting in a juicy 15/30 game at Hustler a few weeks ago. Some guy with a plastic face and spray-painted smile sits down in the 7 seat. I'm in 6. He looks like either a Scientologist or a motivational speaker from Utah.

After an orbit, he looks at me, smiles, and says "I'll bet you one big blind that I'm ten years older than you!" I tell him thanks but no thanks. Anyone proposing that bet knows they're going to win it. But he protests. "Okay, 15 years! Come on, I just want action -- one big blind is nothing to me." Well, I'm up a rack or two, and this guy doesn't look like more than 15 years older than me (though I guess he is), so what the hell I take the bet just to see what happens.

Turns out he's 16 years older than me after I look at his ID, so I ship three yellow chips in his direction. (I get 10x that from him in a future pot).

Cut to tonight, a so-so 20/40 game at Hollywood Park. Same creepazoid sits down in the 7 seat. I'm in the 3. He doesn't recognize me at all. This rules; I'm hoping he tries the same bet and I get a chance to pwn him.

I wait a few orbits and he doesn't say anthing. But he's laughing it up and pretending to have an Irish accent, but speaking in Spanish. He's not funny but thinks he is. Then after I catch his eye a couple times, he looks at me, smiles, and grabs 4 chips out of his rack. Ooooh! Here it comes!

"Hey, I'll bet you one big blind that I'm ten years older than you!"

I look at him quizzically and say, "Interesting... I'll bet you TWO big bets," and he starts drooling in anticipation, "that I can guess YOUR age within, oh let's say 3 years!"

Unfortunately he didn't take my bet. He decided someone must have told me how old he was, because I'd never propose such a bet unless I knew. He goes, "I know when I'm being reeled in like a fish!"

I won a rack off the table and came home to post this.
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