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Old 07-22-2005, 03:55 PM
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Default Whats the most painful Bubble exit u ever suffered?

I am quite sure i have never had one that hurt this much, or seen anyone else in a STT suffer a bubble exit in similar painful fashion in the ones ive been in.

Down to final 4 and i play my heart out and have stack of about 6000. other 3 between 800 and 2100.

three time in BB i get AA, QQ, and KK, all 3 times folded round to me for sb score.

through play 6 allin hand showdown without me...everytime allin player wins, 4 times drew out on river.

i see free flop from bb with 22. flop comes 2d 4h js. i dont mess around i want to take it down right there. i make very big bet. guy with 2100 raises me. i put him allin. He shows KQd. he hits 2 running diamonds. hmm, that sucks but im still strong.

Another hand, another allin between leader and small stack...small stack catches river gutshot.

Next hand i get KK. 3rd place stack goes allin..i lick my chops..i call. KK vs QQ..great...board all rags....river Q..WTF?

now im shortstack all of a sudden. i fold hand...2 other go allin...allin stack wins.

Next hand i got allin..2 other call my allin and check to river. Board 3367K. THEY BOTH have Q6 to take me out.
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