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Old 12-22-2005, 01:35 AM
Farfenugen Farfenugen is offline
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Default Girl Help

I have an issue with a girl and was hoping to illicit the advice of the ever-wise OOT forum.

I work at a private boarding school as an RA for the dormitories. There is a fellow female RA that I really dig. We'll call her Becky. We flirt a bit throughout the semester but I don't really make any moves. She is generally receptive to the point where I don't know if she likes me but I know she doesn't hate me. We have some stuff in common as we are the only RAs that party much.

Monday night we had a Christmas party for all the RA's. At this party she invites me out to go bar hopping later that night with some friends. She also invited the other RAs, but they politely refused. I had already made plans to hang with my buds and watch the basketball game at a local bar so I tell her to make a round there and we'll share some drinks. The party ends around 8:00 and we part ways with the intention of meeting up later.

Jump to two hours later and I'm just sitting with my friends at the bar when Becky and her friends come stumbling in. They are lit up, especially Becky. She sits down next to us, I introduce her to my friends, and we drink until close. She is especially touchy-feely with me. At closing time she declares, "I want [Farfenugen]to come with us!" So I hop in the car with her friends and we drive off to her place. On the ride home she asks her roommate if she has any condoms.

When we get there Becky gets ready for bed and wants me to "just cuddle with her." So I make up my mind right there, I want to date this girl, the smooth move would be to cuddle and get close, maybe kiss, but don't take it too far. That would make things real awkward. It took 15 minutes before my resolve broke and we messed around. We didn't have sex but we fooled around for a while before she straight up passed out.

The next day, feeling like a moron, I left early in the morning. Bad move maybe, might have made her feel like a whore. I just went over to the dorm to drop something off and she could barely look me in the eyes.

What is my line? How do I salvage this?

My thought is to get her e-mail address and shoot her off an e-mail saying how I feel. Is this too impersonal? Winter break is coming up and I won't have an opportunity to speak to her face to face for two weeks.
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