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Old 04-11-2005, 08:40 PM
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Default 6 Handed Home Game 1 - 2 Limits

Game is 6 handed. Mix of players. 2 players I respect, 1 fish, 2 others of reasonable caliber. People call too much in this game. 1-2 PL Omaha. My stack is ~150. Villian has me covered. I'm in UTG with AAK5 with the A5s. Villian is BB.

I raise to $7, 4 call. Pot $29. (SB folded)

Flop K85 Rainbow. I bet $15, 2 folds to villian who raises another $15. I call. Pot $89.

He's capable of making a move and I haven't done anything stupid that hes seen. However, only $20 reraise is fishy. Seems like he's ahead and wants a call but again, could be making a move.

Turn is a 9 now 4 suited.

I bet $25...Villian Pots it. I'm not happy...

After a bit of debate with myself, I fold showing my hand hoping for a show in return with no luck.

All comments welcomed.
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